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14 For God speaketh once, 

yea twice, 

yet man perceiveth it not.

15 In a dream, 

in a vision 

of the night, 

when deep sleep 

falleth upon men, 

in slumberings 

upon the bed;

16 Then he openeth 

the ears of men, 

and sealeth 

their instruction,

17 That he 

may withdraw man 

from his purpose, 

and hide pride 

from man.

18 He keepeth back his soul 

from the pit, 

and his life 

from perishing 

by the sword.

Job 33:14-18 (King James Version)

First, and foremost, I serve the LORD.

I test everything, now that I'm born again, through His WORD.

I search SCRIPTURE, to see if my thoughts and feelings are valid.

For 15 months now, I have been under the instruction of the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD, Who teaches me about the LORD JESUS.

As a result, a dozen blogs make up GOD's GLORY blogs.

ARMAGEDREAMER is the 13th blog.

It is significant that this is the 13th blog, for in Ed. F. Vallowe's "Keys to Scripture Numerics", the number 13 stands for "DEPRAVITY AND REBELLION".

A very fitting number for the deceiver has many things planned for man.

Holy Spirit and I created this blog, to set things straight, about where angels are supposed to be, in relation to JESUS, the SON of GOD.

Surely, you know about the "rebellion" in heaven.

More on that in future posts.

For now, it's important we know the DIVINITY of CHRIST, His LORDSHIP, His being the MIGHTY GOD, and being the SON of GOD.

What was satan thinking, trying to unseat the LORD?

The strange thing is that I had been having dreams since I was a child -- very disturbing ones.

I committed them to memory, but thought no more of it, until I made a declaration to myself, to know the "CORE" of my being.

That brought on heavier dreams and experiences in 1997.

Hoping to understand what my dreams meant, I bought a Carl Jung-inspired dream book, which I thought helped.

Of course, those were the days I had been buying esoteric books, thinking those were to be trusted references, in my search for who I really was in my heart.

Never did I once touch the Bible in those days.

I plainly just didn't know WHICH version to study.

Of course, God knew my heart wasn't ready either.

It would be at a time of His OWN choosing.

The LORD just let me do research, go broke, and make many mistakes.

How else is one to learn, yes?

And yes, the dreams kept coming, and I took notes, filling dozens of notebooks, and loose sheets of paper, so I don't forget the "key words" of my dreams, and whatever I learned from that Jung dream book.

For almost all my life, where others were socializing, I was often buried in my books -- forever studying, searching.

All my money went to books, until such time, I ran out of money.

What I failed to realize was that all I needed was the WORD, the WORD of GOD -- JESUS -- the BIBLE.

Only the LORD JESUS can tell me EVERYTHING I needed to know.

Long story short, I finally came around, and started appreciating the LORD 15 months ago, in September 2019.

As I got to know the LORD more, guided by the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD, I threw ALL my esoteric books, and I started reading the BIBLE.

Then, the covid happened, and everything seemed to fall into place, dream wise, and otherwise.

Now, I knew there was a DIVINE design to all of my dreams, and seeming visions.

I had been having heavy dreams for far too long, to get too frightened.

Of course, there were real moments of terror, but I merely prayed my reliable, stock prayer, 

"Please help me, God!"

And immediately, whatever darkness had come upon me, perhaps with my unknowing invitation (esoteric books are the devil's devices, but I didn't know that then), dissipated, at the mention of GOD's Name.

There were real attacks, mind you.

Darkness loves the night, when people are supposed to rest, and sleep.

It also loves the wee hours of the morning, as a last attempt at "ambush".

Ambush wouldn't be ambush if you were prepared.

So you can imagine what the "sleeping" world's going through right now.

If you think this world is safe and cloistered, you need to look deeply into the Bible.

Oftentimes, we are battling with the "unseen".

12 For we wrestle 

not against flesh 

and blood, 

but against principalities

against powers, 

against the rulers 

of the darkness 

of this world, 

against spiritual wickedness 

in high places.

Ephesians 6:12 (King James Version)

That's why JESUS commanded we become born again -- of water and of the Spirit.

It is the only way to follow JESUS, and to accurately discern the spirits that attack us in our waking, and sleeping moments, creating havoc in EVERY possible avenue.

We have to put on the WHOLE armor of God in our supernatural battle.

This is a real fight, alright.

When I surrendered to GOD, and just "let Him" have His way with my life, boy, what an awakening!

The Holy Spirit made me write 22 fiction books on spiritual warfare, as covid was "brewing" in November 2019.

When it did "erupt" in 2020, I wasn't really surprised.

I dreamt some semblance of it nearly two decades earlier.

Where those books are fiction, now, I'm going to tell you the whole story.

The dreams.

The visions.

The warnings.

The threats to humanity.

I am no one more special than anyone else.

I just like LISTENING to the LORD, and WATCHING the SIGNS.

I pay attention to most everything.

I was that way before I became born again.

And when I became born again, you can imagine how the HOLY SPIRIT started making up for lost time in my life.

I'm doing my best to catch up. 

God knew I was ready on that fateful day of surrender on 6 September 2019.

And now, I'm ready to share with you all the evils I've come to know, where we're being "hit", and how JESUS is our ONLY Protector.

Right this moment, I came across many verses in Scripture, that attest to the MIGHT and POWER of JESUS.

What is my intention of creating this new blog?

To make you aware of the reality of evil, and of the POWER of JESUS over evil.

Find strength, peace, joy, courage, and clarity in the LORD.

You will love what you will find here.

Never again will you fear.

JESUS is on our side.

39 And this 

is the Father's will 

which hath sent me, 

that of all 

which he hath given me 

I should lose nothing, 

but should raise it up again 

at the last day.

John 6:39 (King James Version)

I want you to feel the MIGHT and POWER of JESUS, in every verse I will be sharing with you throughout this blog.

You will find, it is your best SOURCE of strength, and protection, against the snares of the devil.

Is evil real?

Sure is.

Click this link to read more.

Why did I call this blog "Armagedreamer"?

That's for the next post.

(All verses from


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